Exercise 1Prepare for Your Pilot

1A. Create and Launch a Trailhead Playground

You will be using a NEW Trailhead Playground in the workshop. In this exercise, we will create and launch your new Trailhead Playground:

  1. Access the Install Apps and Packages in your Trailhead Playground unit in Trailhead.
  2. Click Challenge on the right or scroll to the Challenge section at the bottom.
  3. If you have already completed this unit, click on Retake Challenge.
  4. Click the down arrow next to Launch and click Create a Trailhead Playground.
    1. It will take 5 - 10 minutes to spin up fully.
  5. Once it is ready for use, ensure it is selected and click Launch.
  6. Lastly, we will download a logo for use in Exercise 2:
    1. Go to this Wikipedia Page.
      1. Right Click on the Image and click Save Image As.
      2. Save the Image to your Desktop.

1B. Enabling Lightning

Before we pilot Lightning Experience for Sales end users and start customizing the Sales apps, let’s take some time to get familiar with Lightning Experience. In the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant, which is available in Setup, you can find tools to help you with this: learning trails, feature comparison charts, ways to preview your customizations in Lightning Experience, how to enable key Lightning Experience features like Notes and News, and finally, how to enable Lightning Experience itself.

In this exercise we will be reviewing the Migration Assistant in our trailhead, but you can use all of these tools in your production Salesforce org to learn more about what your features and customizations will look like in Lightning Experience. The most important parts of the Migration Assistant are the Preview tool and the Readiness Check. The Preview tool allows you to see your apps in Lightning Experience before you actually enable it.

The Readiness Check provides you with a Readiness Report, which includes an itemized list of the features you use and customizations you’ve created, along with explanations about how they will be supported in Lightning Experience or what may need additional review.

  1. Click on the User Icon in the upper right and click Switch to Salesforce Classic.
  2. From the Classic Home page, click Setup.
    1. Click Get Started underneath Lightning Experience Migration Assistant.
      1. Click Check Readiness. Here, we will run a Readiness report.
        1. Click the Check Readiness button
        2. If an Allow Access? screen pops up, click Allow.
        3. Click Sales Cloud and click Check Readiness.
        4. Close the pop-up window.
        5. You will receive an email letting you know your files are ready for review. Both documents are added as Files within Salesforce. It might take 5 minutes for them to appear but we will come back to this later.
      2. Click Preview. This is where you can Preview Lightning Experience
        1. When finished previewing, click Exit and Return to the Migration Assistant
      3. Click Optimize with Features
        1. Enable News and Notes by clicking the corresponding buttons
      4. Click Turn It On. This is where you enable Lightning Experience.
  3. Click Switch to Lightning Experience link at the top middle of the screen to switch back to Lightning Experience.