Exercise 3Make your users more Productive with Productivity Features (On Your Own)

We are on the way to a fully customized Sales Console App for our pilot and what’s better is to discover some of the features that make Lightning Experience more productive for your users. Users will be able to analyze data in their views without creating a report and be able to answer real-time analytical questions. We will also see how we can make their data work for them. So, let’s get started.

3A. Discovering the Power of List Views

List views in Lightning Experience have many new features to explore!

  1. Starting in the Sales Console App:    
    1. Let’s create a List View Chart. Click the ⬇️ in your items list and click Leads.

      1. If you are in the Split View, click the split view icon and click Table.

      2. Click the down arrow next to Recently Viewed and click All Open Leads.

        1. Click the Charts icon.            
        2. Click the ⚙️ underneath the current chart.

        3. Click New Chart and add the following information:
          1. Chart Name: Leads by Status
          2. Chart Type: Vertical Bar Chart
          3. Aggregate Type: Count
          4. Aggregate Field: Lead Status
          5. Grouping Field: Lead ID
        4. Click Save.

        5. Click the down arrow next to Leads by Status and click Leads by Lead Source. You can have multiple charts and switch between them.
      3. A quick way to access a list view or record is to use Favorites. Let’s add All Open Leads to our favorites:    
        1. Click on the ⭐️to Add the list view to your Favorites.

        2. Click on any lead in the list and add it as a Favorite.  
        3. Click the down arrow next to the ⭐️ to view the two items in your favorites list.
          1. Click Edit Favorites. This allows you to rename or move the items around in your Favorites list.
      4. Let’s send a list email. Click the ✅ next to Bertha Boxer, Betty Bair, Brenda Mcclure, David Monaco, and Jeff Glimpse.            
        1. Click the ⬇️ next to Add to Campaign and click Send List Email.

        2. In the bottom right of the content screen, click on insert, create, or update template icon.
        3. Click Insert a template.            
        4. Click the ⬇️ next to My Lightning Templates.

        5. Click Classic Email Templates.


        7. Click Send.
      5. Now, let’s verify that the email was sent.

        1. Click on Berth Boxer.

        2. In her Activity Timeline, click GenWatt: Thanks for your inquiry. You can view the email here along with who it was sent to. You also will receive an email with a direct link to this email.

    2. Let’s update multiple records using Inline editing.

      1. In the Navigation bar, click the down arrow next to Leads and click Opportunities.
      2. Click the down arrow next to Recently Viewed and click All Opportunities.
        1. If your screen is in split view, click the down arrow next to the split view icon and click Table.
      3. Click the check box next to Dickenson Mobile Generators, Edge Emergency Generator (both of them), Edge Installation, and Edge SLA.
        1. Hover over the Close Date for Dickenson Mobile Generators.            
        2. Click the ✏️.
        3. Change the date to next Friday’s date.
        4. Check the Update 5 selected items box.
        5. Click Apply then click Save at the bottom of the screen.
      4. Click the down arrow next to the table icon and click Kanban. The Kanban view displays a visual summary for a selection of records. By seeing all your records at once, users can more effectively monitor their work and keep business processes moving forward. Switch to the Kanban view for almost any object from the object’s list view.
        1. Hover over the Grand Hotels Kitchen Generator box, then click and drag it from Id. Decision Makers to Perception Analysis.
        2. Click the down arrow next to the list view controls icon.
        3. To set up Kanban, click Kanban Settings.
          1. Change Group By from Stage to Lead Source.
          2. Click Save.
          3. Notice how nothing changed. Click the Refresh icon and your changes will be reflected.
      5. Finally, let’s see how easy it is to log a call in Lightning Experience.
        1. Click on Grand Hotels Kitchen Generator box.
        2. From the Activity section, click the Recap your call… box underneath Log a Call and add the following information:
          1. Subject: Tried to determine key decision makers
          2. Comments: Found out that Karl Thomas will be involved and definitely needs to see a demo. I was unable to verify his specific role.
          3. Click the Search Contacts box and click Add New Contact.
            1. First Name: Karl
            2. Last Name: Thomas
            3. Account Name: GenePoint
            4. Title: Decision Maker
            5. Click Save.
          4. Click Save to save the activity. Notice in your Past Activity it shows what you just did.
        3. Click the Chatter tab. The call you logged was posted to this opportunity.

3B. Create a Calendar with my data

Calendars now allow you to put more than events on it. You can create a calendar with all of your opportunities by close date:

  1. Click the ⬇️ next to Opportunities and click Calendar.    
    1. Click the ⚙️ next to My Calendars and click New Calendar.

      1. Select the Opportunity object and click Next.

        1. Calendar Name: Opportunities Closing This Month

        2. Field for Start: Close Date
        3. Field Name to Display: Name
        4. Click Save.
    2. On the Calendar click Today. You should see Burlington Textiles Weaving Plant Generators.
    3. Click the down arrow next to the calendar icon and make certain Week is checked. If it isn’t, click Week.
    4. Click the right arrow to view next week. You should see the five opportunities closing next Friday.

That’s it! Your users should have a good handle on all of these features after you show them how to be more productive in Lightning Experience!