Exercise 2Customize Your Home Page

2A. Introduction to the Sales Console App

Lightning Experience comes automatically configured with standard Apps in addition to your custom Apps that have already been created in Salesforce Classic. As we prepare for our pilot in our Trailhead Playground, lets take a look at what the Sales Console app looks like in Lightning Experience.

There are times where you are performing multiple actions at the same time. From working leads, logging calls, updating opportunities, adding contacts, and changing statuses, this means that you are back and forth between multiple records. The Sales Console App makes this task much simpler, as you can open multiple records at the same time, jump quickly from object to object, and log activity very simply. Here you learn what you can do with the Sales Console App, plus more importantly how can you configure it to meet your business needs. Let’s jump in and see how this time saver works!

  1. Click the App Launcher and select Sales Console.
    1. Let’s pin the Home Page to ensure it is always open in the Console.
      1. Click the down arrow next to the object name and click Home.
        1. Click the down arrow next to Home and click Pin tab.
    2. Now, let’s explore Chatter and and one of its new features, Chatter Streams. Chatter Streams is where your users can create curated lists of records and people to follow. Create up to five Chatter streams that combine posts from different feeds and different feed types. Combine feeds from people, groups, and records, like your accounts, opportunities, and cases.

      1. Click the down arrow in the items list and click on Chatter.

      2. Click the + next to STREAMS.
      3. Name the stream Important Accounts & Opps.
      4. In the Search Accounts… box type Edge.
        1. Click Edge Communications.
      5. In the Search Accounts… box type Burlington.
        1. Click Burlington Textiles Corp of America.
      6. Click the down arrow next to the Accounts icon and click Opportunities.
        1. In the Search Opportunities… box type Edge.
          1. Click the first Edge Emergency Generator opportunity that appears in the list.
        2. In the Search Opportunities… box type Burlington.
          1. Click Burlington Textiles Weaving Plant Generator.
        3. In the Search Opportunities… box type GenePoint.
          1. Click GenePoint Lab Generators.
      7. Click Save.

      While we are here, let’s create a feedback group for our users to use when they want to tell us how great Lightning is!

      1. Click the ➕ symbol next to Recent Groups to create a new group to collect pilot feedback:
        1. Name: Lightning Feedback
        2. Description: Group for Lightning Pilot Feedback
        3. Access: Public
        4. Leave all other items defaulted
        5. Click Save & Next.
        6. Click Next and then click Done.
        7. Click the down arrow next to Lightning Feedback tab and click Pin tab.
  2. In the Utility bar at the bottom left, you will find components that are available no matter where you are in the App.
    1. click History to view the recent tabs you’ve had opened.
      1. Click the link icon next to any of the items to copy it to your clipboard.
    2. Minimize the History section.
    3. Click Notes to view recent notes you’ve created.
    4. Minimize the Notes section.

Let’s start customizing our Console App for our pilot inside sales users!

2B. Customize the Sales Console App

We’ve explored the console app, now let’s customize it for your pilot sales users:

  1. Modify the Sales Console App using App Manager
    1. Click the gear icon and select Setup.
      1. Enter App Manager in Quick Find and select App Manager.
      2. Click the down arrow next to Sales Console and click Edit.
        1. In the App Details & Branding section:
          1. Update the Primary Color Hex Value to #29C41E.
          2. Click the current app image and select the Emblem-money.png image from your desktop.
          3. Click Save.
        2. In the App Options section:
          1. Leave everything defaulted but notice the App Navigation is set to Console vs. Standard.
        3. In the Utility Bar section:
          1. Click Add.
          2. Scroll down the list and click Rich Text.
            1. Rename the Label to Announcements.
            2. Change the Icon from fallback to announcement.
            3. In the Components Properties box type: Pipeline review meetings start soon! Update your opportunities TODAY!
          3. Click Save.
        4. In the Select Items section:

          1. Click Cases in the Available Items list, hold down CTRL, and then click on Forecasts.                
          2. Click the ➡️ to add the two items to Selected Items.                
          3. Click Campaigns in the Selected Items list, and then click the ⬅️ to remove the item.
          4. Click Save.
        5. In the Navigation Rules section:
          1. Click Cases.
            1. Click the Subtabs of radio button.
              1. Select Accounts (Account).
            2. Click Save.
        6. In the Assign to User Profile section:
          1. Click Marketing User from the Selected Profiles list.                
          2. Click the ⬅ to remove Marketing User from the list.
          3. Click Save.
        7. In the upper right corner, click Back.
  2. Now let’s view the Sales Console App Changes:
    1. Click the App Launcher icon and select Sales Console App. Notice the Icon now shows the uploaded image.    2. Click the ⬇️ next to Leads. You can now select Cases and Forecasts, but can no longer select Campaigns.
      1. Click Cases.
        1. Click the down arrow next to Recently Viewed and click All Open Cases.
        2. Click case 00001002. Notice how the case appears as a subtab within the United Oil & Gas Corp. account. This is because case 00001002 is associated to that account.
        3. Click the United Oil & Gas Corp subtab to the left of the 00001002 case subtab. You can toggle back and forth between the account and case records.
        4. Click the down arrow ** next to the **United Oil & Gas Co. at the top of the screen and click Pin Tab. Notice that it is the Account that is pinned, not the case. The case is a subtab of the pinned account.
      2. In the Utility Bar at the bottom of the screen, click** Announcements**. You can view the announcement you added.
        1. Minimize Announcements.    
    2. Click on the pinned tab with the Lightning Feedback Group and the ⬇️ next to Cases and click Chatter.in the URL bar at the top of the page, highlight the URL and copy the link for use in the next section.
  3. We’re almost finished in the Sales Console App but before we leave we need to customize the Home Page for our pilot users:    
    1. Click the ⬇️ next to Cases and click Home.      
      1. In the upper right corner, click the ⚙️ and click Edit Page.

      2. From the Standard list on the left, click the Items to Approve component and drag it to just below Assistant. The area turns green letting you know you are allowed to drop the component in that location.

      3. From the Standard list on the left, click the Rich Text component and drag it to just below the Items to Approve component.

        1. In the Rich Text box, type: Have Lightning feedback for us? Take it Chatter: Click here!
        2. Highlight the word Click Here and click the Link icon.
        3. In the URL box paste the copied chatter group URL. Click OK.
      4. Click Save.
        1. If the Page Saved, message appears click Activate, if not click Activation.
        2. Leave Set this page as the default Home Page selected and click Next
        3. Click Activate.
      5. Click Back.
      6. Refresh your screen if you do not see the changes.

Great Job! You have customized your Home page for your pilot!