The Lightning Now Hands-on Workshop is part of the Lightning Now Tour.

Using clicks, we will prepare your org (Trailhead Playground) for a Lightning Experience pilot and go through the phases of customizing Lightning Experience for your Sales users. In these exercises you will take a look at our standard Sales and Sales Console Apps and Lightning Experience productivity features, perform Record and Home page customizations using standard components, and learn how to assign Lightning Experience to a profile.

Pre-Workshop Requirements

To get the most out of this workshop, please complete these Trailhead modules prior to attending this session:

  1. Complete the Learn Salesforce with Trailhead Trail (35min)
  2. Earn the Learn CRM Basics Badge (40 minutes)
  3. Earn the Lightning Experience Basics Badge (55 minutes)
  4. Earn the App Customization Lite Badge (30 minutes) - optional

Let's Get Started!

Additional Resources