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ZKURLConnection Class Reference

#import <ZKURLConnection.h>

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithRequest:delegate:withResponseDelegate:withResponseSelector:withClientDelegate:withLayoutObjectName:withOperationName:


id responseDelegate
SEL responseSelector
NSString * operationName
NSString * layoutObjectName
id clientDelegate
NSMutableData * receivedData

Member Function Documentation

- (id) initWithRequest: (NSURLRequest *)  request
delegate: (id)  delegate
withResponseDelegate: (id)  responseDelegate
withResponseSelector: (SEL)  responseSelector
withClientDelegate: (id)  clientDelegate
withLayoutObjectName: (NSString *)  layoutObjectName
withOperationName: (NSString *)  operationName 

Property Documentation

- (id) clientDelegate [read, write, retain]
- (NSString *) layoutObjectName [read, write, retain]
- (NSString *) operationName [read, write, retain]
- (NSMutableData *) receivedData [read, write, retain]
- (id) responseDelegate [read, write, retain]
- (SEL) responseSelector [read, write, assign]

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